Gaming News: Marvel Lego

Marvel Lego Announced just a mere 4 days ago, Probably the best thing to come out of the warner brothers studios in quite a while…..Marve Lego.   Featuring the Avengers characters like never before. These characters include Iron Man, Black Widow, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Spider Man and many many more, in fact 100 characters from across the Marvel Universe will be unlockable.

Just A Few Of The Characters Available To Play

Just A Few Of The Characters Available To Play

If you are wondering about the story ark of the whole game and what you will aiming to achieve. The whole story is an original story following Nick Fury, calling upon the help of Iron Man, The Hulk, Spider – Man, and Wolverine. To save the Earth from the threats caused by Loki and Galactus.   Like previous Lego Games you can expect to have alot laughs with the character with the classic Lego video game adventure and humor.

In my opinion I can’t wait for this game and will definately be purchasing a copy of this game. I would have to suggest this game to the people who follow the Marvel Characters through thick and thin even if you don’t specifically like the Lego games and you have never ever played them I would reccommend them to you because they are just so much fun for all the family. For all ages 1 or 100, and of course I would reccommend this game for the die hard Lego Game Fans…. theres got to be some somewhere, am I right.

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3 responses to “Gaming News: Marvel Lego

  1. hey you referred me to your blog and i must say your writeing style reminds me of my own and i like that. You give your opinion and get to the point quickly without rambaling on too long. good job man keep it up!

    • Thank you that means alot. Since i have just started out at blogging I too looked at your blog from you commenting on my comment. I have to say the posts are very informative and very again to the point.

      Thank you for giving me a chance.
      I will definately be looking for more posts from you in the near future. keep it up.


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