Gaming News: Wii U Revenue And December Sales

Wii U Sales Success   Well this is quite a shock to me to be qute honest, as I never actually thought the Wii U will have that big of an

Wii U Schematic Type Diagram

Wii U Schematic Type Diagram

effect on people. But obviously it does as it has sold over 460,000 units in december in the United States alone. So that means that the Wii U has successfully sold 890,000 units in the states.

Nintendo The King Of Indie Gaming

Nintendo The King Of Indie Gaming

Nintendo later announced the amount of money generated due to Wii U sales, compare to the amount of money the Wii made in the same time period. The Wii U has set the benchmark for this comparison at $300 Million Dollars . After 41 days on sale the Wii had generated $270 Million Dollars.   So anyone that thought that the Wii U would not be a success, Including my self has truly been shamed by the amount the Wii U has actually sold over the time it has been on sale for.

I am going to be totally honest with you guys now I never thought I would see the Wii U being a success as it was as alot of people say ” A Wii with a fancy new look and a fancy new Controller”. But obviously it appeals to alot of people and fair play to nintendo as it has blown the Wii out of the park in the first 41 days of sale has seen so far.   This is what did’nt really suprise me but it

The Brand New Look

The Brand New Look

might suprise one or two of you. The fact that the Mario Deluxe SKU which was essentially sold out at retail at Christmas in 2012. which is a strong attach rate of New Super Mario Brothers U, shows that Nintendo have the Momentum and Drive with there Wii U products to go well in to 2013 .

I for one will definately be picking one up later this year will be picking my self and Hannah up a Wii U when they eventually come down in price.

Thanks For Reading This Post, I Hope You Have Enjoyed It. Check Back Soon.



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