Gaming News: Marvel Heroes RPG

Before I start this post, I will say this about Marvel Heroes is that I had only heard rumours about this game and even with the prospect of this game going around the rumour mill. I still was very excited about the prospect of this game hitting my computer.

The people who are making this free to play Marvel MMO is Gazillion Entertainment. This title is set to be released in Spring in 2013, and when it does the games founders program will obviously get a leg up. To me that sounds pretty dam good and I will do anything to

Some Gameplay Of Marvel Heroes

Some Gameplay Of Marvel Heroes

get my grubby hands on this good looking game on this game.

The whole game is based on Diablo style play, allowing you to play as one of the Marvel SuperHeroes in the game. Also while you play the game you will earn more characters and more costumes all for free.

Speaking of free. Not all of the game can be free if you want to hit the start line running then you can join the Heroes Founders Program and pay for Starter or Premium packs, as well as drop $200 on the Ultimate Pack of course at a discounted price.

On the topic of Starter Packs and all that Jazz. There will be 16 Starter Packs, 7 Premium Packs and 1 Ultimate Pack to choose from. So I guess all I can say is fill

Some More Gameplay Of Marvel Heroes

Some More Gameplay Of Marvel Heroes

your boots wih the goods. A starter pack gives you the choice of 16 heroes (including Spider Man, Thor, Colossus, Iron Man, Jean Grey, and more), early access to the game, in game currency, and other goodies within the game. The Premium Packs are similar but come with specific groups of just four heroes, like select heroes from the X-Men, Avengers, etc. And of course again early access to the game, more in game currency, etc.

So in my opinion this game to me has kept fairly under the radar, but none the less the game looks amazing and definately going to be a must play for me. So you can expect some playthroughs of this game in the future.

I Hope You Have Enjoyed This Post, Check Back Soon.



2 responses to “Gaming News: Marvel Heroes RPG

  1. How about the servers? Are they pre releasing on a certain region first or does the whole world cramps out in one?

    This to me are the major factors in deciding the success of MMO. Considering the fact Marvel characters are popular we might see some disappointments upon release. Just like DC Universe Online. It gets too packed as they only have 2 servers (EU and NA).

    Nonetheless, keep us updated on this. Good job!

    • That is something that they still have under wraps at the moment. But lets just hope that what ever the choice they make. Its the right one.

      Glad you enjoyed the post

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