Gaming News: New Batman Domain Names Registered

This news is news that I am very excited about, Mainly because as my Girlfriend knows I am a huge fan of Batman. I even stretched my ears to 6mm holes so I could fit Batman Plugs in, which I got for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, over the holidays I received Batman Plugs for my ears, A Batman Poster, Batman Lego and the screenplays of the films. It was an awesome Christmas considering the year me and Hannah have had. Also planning on Batman Tattoos which I will design my self. Roll on 18.

Batman Just Generally Kicking Ass

Batman Just Generally Kicking Ass

So as you can tell this post will be about Batman, no suprise there. But according to reports a number of Domain names have been registered, related to the Batman Arkham video game franchise made by Warner Bros’. This just raises suspicions and of course as usual starts the rumour mill about what they have got planned for the Franchise in the near future.

According to reports around the rumour mill there is no way to determne for sure wether these Domains belong to films or games, I guess we are just going to have to wait and see what Warner Bros’ have got instore for us.

The Domain names range from “Batman Arkham Rises”, “Arkham Rises” and “Batman Arkham Origins”   But also another piece of interesting information, to take note of. Is the fact that  in July last year, It was reported that the next game in RockSteady Studios Batman Series will be a prequal detailing Batman’s first encounter with the Joker, and based on the silver age of DC comics from the 1950s. All very exciting stuff but all we can do is sit in the dark and wait an just watch the rumour mill go round and round.

I Hope You Have Enjoyed This Post, Check Back Soon.



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