Gaming News: Sim City 3 Anticipation

Sim City is the new addition to the very successful city building simulation series of games from EA. I have been very excited and keeping close tabs on this game since it was announced in October of last year (2012). The closer it gets to the release in March made me wonder about the people who don’t know about this truly amazing game, and I thought I will tell the people who are less informed or the people who just don’t know about it at all about Sim City.

What Is Sim City? , some people might ask. Well in answer to your question Sim City is a city building simulator. In which you build a city as the Mayor of the city. through out the game and as your city progresses from nothing to a thriving capital city where every one wants to be. Through out the game you will encounter many problems from too much pollution to  groundbreaking Earthquakes, Meteors, Tornadoes to U.F.O’s raging through the streets of you city.

Lets See What You Are Up To

Lets See What You Are Up To

With this new Sim City comes alot of new features including the feature of  Multiplayer gameplay. With the Multiplayer feature comes alot of careful decision making and choices you will have to make as the Mayor of your city. Because the choices and decisions you make with in your city will impact your neighboring city’s. For instance if you choose to be a good neighbor and send resources to

Industrial City "Lets Pollute And We Like It"

Industrial City “Lets Pollute And We Like It”

neighboring city’s, or you choose to be a bad neighbor and have a very industrious city which will cause pollution and make the neighboring sims in other peoples city’s become sick. But of course no Multiplayer game is with out the competitiveness of one and Sim City is no exception. In Sim City collaborate of compete for challenges and achievments with in the Live Service of Sim City with live real time updates of Leader Boards from people around the world.

Specializing In To A Mini Vegas

Specializing In To A Mini Vegas

Also another new feature with in Sim City is the fact that you can now specialize your city, to create truly unique city’s. For instance if you are the type of Mayor seeking intelligent Sims than you can make a college town full of libaries, community colleges and universaties. Or you could be a very industrious city and have lots of big factories. Specialize in Big Business such as Casinos, Electronics, Coal, Trade and more to increase the wealth of your city. But with each specialization comes drawbacks as well as major benefits. To be honest in my opinion it has more benefits because from there using the Trade feature as well, Lets say we specialize in coal mining. That could be a major benefit because from there you could become a major coal supplier for the city’s surrounding yours. But of course the drawbacks are the fact that you will be a major polluter and at some point you will run out of coal to mine and from there you will have nothing to trade with and that means one thing. No Money Coming In. But there is literally endless possibilities with the customization of your city with in your specific specialization.

On the topic of the Live service now. Comes the feature of the Global Market, allowing players to simulate advanced true supply and

Live Service Global Market Interface

Live Service Global Market Interface

demand prices based on the decisions of players around the world. For instance if you need raw materials you will need to look for a city to import from. The city you would import from would be a city which has specialized in that there fore making raw materials and manufactured goods and selling them on the Global Market.

GlassBox Engine is the new Game Engine Maxim are using to create Sim City, on a whole new scale of depth and data visualization. With the Data Visualization feature see the consequences of you actions and look further to see how the systems work with new data visualization layers. You can look beneath the surface and see where the best place for you water supply to come from will be so then from there you

Data Visualization: Water Layer.

Data Visualization: Water Layer.

can create an aquifer and supply water to your city. See where your waste and sewage from you r city would be best to go, see where the electricity is going and where it isn’t reaching and where you need to place that next Power Station. All thanks to the new Glass Box Engine.

But I think the best thing that is coming out of this new and improved Sim City, is the fact that every city is connected. The city’s are not alone they are living breathing city’s just like the ones in the real world they depend on each other and the other people in your region. Another thing i really like is the fact that you will at some point within the game have to deal on the Global Market and through that might become a gaming friendship just like MMO’s you never know who you are going to make friends with.

Thanks For Reading This Post, I Hope You Have Enjoyed It. Check Back Soon



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