Gaming News: Dust 514 Open Beta Announced

Game Developer of Dust 514, CCP Game’ very ambitious crossover shooter of EVE-Online. Announced today that Dust 514 will be in Open Beta as of January 22, as a free to download-only on Playstation 3, that means the game is more or less released to the public. Except of course the CCP employees working through piles and piles of bug reports from day 1.

Some Troops From Dust 514

Some Troops From Dust 514

Dust 514 if you didn’t know will put mercenary boots on the ground of EVE’s inhabitable planets, uplinked with the space sim’s servers for the first time on January 10th, allowing players in either title to interact with and influence each other companys and battles on these planets.

But all the people who wish this game will come to the PC. Well you are in luck, CCP Games’ have previously stated that Dust 514 will out last this generation of consoles and therefore be at some point a PC title. We can only hope.

So I guess in the meantime I and alot of other EVE Players will have to buy a PS3 to enjoy this game, until the PC version comes out and never touch the PS3 again.

I Hope You Have Enjoyed This Post, Check Back Soon.



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