Gaming News: Guild Wars 2 Sells 3 Million Copies

Gaming News: Guild Wars 2 Shipped 3 Million Copys Since Launch.   Guild Wars 2 has done suprisingly well, much to my suprise to be honest. I never thought it would sell this many copies of there game.

The Game Director for Guild Wars 2, Colin Johanson said in a recent Blog Post said. ” The pay-once Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game sold more than 1 Million copies prior to launch and 2 million copies as of mid September 2012.

Johanson also talked about ArenaNet’s Plans for 2013. He said Developer ArenaNets’s goals for 2013are to build on the areas of the

Some Of The Guild Wars 2

Some Of The Guild Wars 2 Races

game that were successful and learn from elements “that didnt work as well”, all in the wy of making sure “2013 is a year the player base will never forget.”   In the New Year is improving and expanding on the Guild Wars 2 Achievment system. Johanson explained that players can expect new rewards and achievments, as well as daily achievments that will be different every day of the week.

Also good news for Guild Wars 2 players is that, ArenaNet is working on a system that allows players to complete a sub group of achievments to hit a daily target. So for example say there were 6 daily quests available the players would only have to complete 4 of the 6, therefore allowing them to choose those that they are most interested in. Further on from this new addition to the game, ArenaNet are going to come up with revisions of the Guild Wars 2 Guild System. So alot to look forward to this year. Lets just hope it is a year we wont forget in a hurry.

To be honest and this is my opinion, I never in a million years thought that Guild Wars 2 would actually make it this far. To be totally honest I didn’t even know people still play it mainly because it seemed to have a massive high and then slump in to a huge low. Hence the reason I stopped playing.

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