Gaming News: SWTOR Game Update 1.7 – Return Of The Gree

SWTOR Fans every where and anywhere, get excited as the new patch 1.7 has been announced. Game Update 1.7: Return Of The Gree, Will be landing soon. This Game Update will promise alot of features. Bioware have announced that this game update will introduce something that the player base has been waiting for.

This Update features two important additions to the way that you’ll be playing.

One of them being the Relic’s Of Gree, is a recurring event and will occur on Ilum’s Western Ice Shelf. This event revolves around the

BioWare's Star Wars The Old Republic

BioWare’s Star Wars The Old Republic

Gray Secant, a Mysterious Gree Ship. On this Gree Ship a deadly foe will lie in wait for the brave curious people who adventure to the heart of the ship. Also included in this recurring event are the ability to get new weapons and pieces of armor.

Another new feature in this Game Update. Is the Galactic Reputation System, which is finally making an appearance. At this current moment in time there is six stages to the Galactic Reputation system with the various factions. The six stages included Outsider, Newcomer, Friend, Hero, Champion and Legend.

To earn Reputation points for these factions, you will have to complete various missions around the galaxy for these various factions. Reputation ranks and points will be shared across all your characters on your legacy, so it really does have the potential to be a good way to help out up and coming alts, by playing your main.

In my opinion this update is great and all don’t get me wrong. But in my honest opinion I seriously think that it is time for some more Operations and start focusing more on the PVE player base (like me). But it is good that they are re-visiting Ilum and finally starting to fix what was very broken at the release of this truly amazing game.

Thanks For Reading This Post, I Hope You Have Enjoyed It. Check Back Soon



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