Gaming News: Temple Run 2 Revealed

Temple Run 2 In Action

Temple Run 2 In Action

To all those Temple Run fans out there on IOS and Android, get ready for a big announcement. Temple Run 2 is on the way and will be hitting IOS stores and Android imminently.

Husband and Wife game development team, Imangi Studios will release Temple Run 2. The successor of the previous very successful Mobile game Temple Run.

Currently at this moment in time there is no release date for North America or Europe. But players in the West can expect Temple Run 2 Today.

Temple Run 2 will feature Updated Graphics, New Enviroments and Obstacles, as well as more Powerups and Achievments. In addition, Special Powers for each character will be available

The original Temple Run has been downloaded over 170 million times, including 75 million downloads for IOS in 2012 alone.

For me this is a Mobile game I played quite alot. Definately going to be downloading it when it comes out as it is highly addictive. If you have never played Temple Run before then I highly Recommend it.

Thanks For Reading This Post, I Hope You Have Enjoyed It. Check Back Soon



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