Gaming News: Star Wars: 1313

A new announcment about the upcoming Star Wars 1313. A Facebook Post from Sony’s German Playstation account states LucasArts’ new action game is slated for release in 2013.   Although LucasArts has made no mention of a

What The Third-Person View Might Look Like

What The Third-Person View Might Look Like

release date or platform availability for Star Wars: 1313 since it was announce in May 2012.

So with all that news we can expect maybe, Star Wars: 1313 to be in stores and on shelves by as early as this year.

The internnally deveeloped third person action adventure game will have players take on the role of a Bounty Hunter. In which you will

Coruscant Concept

Coruscant Concept

navigate the deep underworld, Level 1313 beneath the surface of Coruscant. One of the major city’s in the Star Wars Universe.   Star Wars: 1313 will use the Unreal Engine and feature full-body performance capture.

In my opinion if they do this as a tye of Star Wars Assassins Creed, of course instead of playing as a Medieval Assassin you will of course be a Bounty Hunter. Or on the other hand if they did it like Uncharted, then that to me will be a huge success in my opinion.

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