Gaming News: PS4 Controller To Include LCD Touch Screen?

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Some interesting rumours going around the rumour mill, since a source from Sony has said that “Sony could replace long -running DualShock controller with an all new pad for next generation console.

The PlayStation 4 could not only be a next generation console but also a next generation controller, replacing the long lasting and long running DualShock controller in to a thing of the past.

A Senior games studio “source speaking to CVG claims Sony’s recearch and development department has been busy testing numerous controller designs for the still unannounced next-generation machine.”

It is rumoured that the next-generation PS4 Controller could feature an LCD touchscreen and Biometric Scanners. Biometrics

DualShock Controller R.I.P

DualShock Controller R.I.P

technology is capable of reading data from a gamers body, including heart rate and temperature. Among other things

This rumour is backed up by other sources who told Eurogamer that Sony had been testing a PS4 controller with a touch screen and biometrics for aslong as six months.

But with this exciting news, that couldn’t be said about the long standing veteran of all controllers. The DualShock controller was introduced in 1997 with the original PlayStation console. But on the other hand it does not mean it is the end as it could be compatible with the new console just like the Wii Controllers are compatible with the Wii U.

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