Gaming News: Sim City PC Beta Next Weekend

Good News, for all those anticipating the Maxis reboot of the Sim City franchise. Because Maxis announced yesterday that there will be a closed PC Beta (not available for Mac). From January 25 to January 28, offering a one-hour slice of the game ahead of release on March 5th.

To be a participant of this closed beta, head over to the Sim City webpage and sign yourself up using you Origin account.

Industrial City "Lets Pollute And We Like It"

Industrial City “Lets Pollute And We Like It”

Maxim released a statement about the beta and here it is. ” We are extremely excited with our progress so far and would especially like to thank the fans for your contributed participation and support,”reads the signup page for the SimCity beta.”We are humbled by your passion, it fuels us to work even harder to make the game we’ve been dreaming about and deliver the SimCity you’ve always wanted.”

In this SimCity re-boot, Maxim are trying to make a community of players, this means that people can be on a server and you will be able to trade on the markets for resources your city will need and also be able to co-operate with people and not only benefit your city but other peoples city’s aswell.

I Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading This Post, Check Back Soon.



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