Gaming News: Army And Navy Seeking New Video Games

The US Army and Navy are both looking for more in dated video games for there soldiers. Soldiers these days think that the current video games tech, like Bohemia Interactive’s Virtual Battlespace 2 is a bit out of date for these current times.

Bohemia Interactive's Virtual Battlespace 2

Bohemia Interactive’s Virtual Battlespace 2

This story comes from an article in National Defence Magazine, both the Army and Navy are seeking contracts for the creation of updated virtual PC simulation games that will look and play more like Call Of Duty.

A statement from Brian Waddle, Havok president of sales and marketing “Soldiers look at these simulators, and they dont take them seriously because they don’t look as good as what they are playing in there living rooms.”

According to the report, the Army is looking for a first person, massively multiplayer online shooter to replace virtual battlespace 2, and it is offering a hefty $44.5 million over 5 years to the winning application, which must include being able to integrate more players from around the world and be able to accurately re create territories like afganistan.

On the Navy’s part it is looking for a video game that will train sailors to do specific tasks, including a full training program that will run on Crytek’s CryEngine 3. The Navy will offer even more contracts, three to be exact of $100 million each.

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