Gaming Tech News: GCW-Zero Needs Kickstart

This if you don’t already know is the GCW-Zero, it is a Linux based open-sourced device offering capability to run classic PC games, emulated consoles and developer made games as a blank canvas for up and coming game developers.

Built By Gamers, For Gamers

Built By Gamers, For Gamers

The GCW-Zero comes with a developer promise that the GCW-Zero will have enough oomf to emulate older consoles like the NES, all the way to original Playstation, and some PC games like Quake and Descent running very well.

So pretty much it is every developers dream hand held device to start off with, so if you want to get in to developing games for consoles and mobiles or you are already a developer who would just like a new toy to play with. Then for just $135 pledged on the kickstarter page you will have one of the first units that will ship. But as with any Kickstarter project the developer needs some money to start this project running. In this case the developer needs $135,000 to fund the manufacture of the GCW-Zero and as of this post being written it has just under $17,000 to go with one week left .

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