Gaming News: Major Counter Strike GO Update Alters Weapon Recoil And More

Good news to all you Counter Strike fans. Because recently Valve took opinions of the game from professional players and it came up that there were some balancing issues that needed to be sorted.

Some Counter Strike Action

Some Counter Strike Action

Counter Strike Global Offensive for the PC had a Major Update recently, when Game Developer Valve decided to change the recoil levels for all weapons. In addition to the recoil adjustment, other specific adjustments were made to rifles, pistols and the P90.

For all you PS3 and Xbox 360 Counter Strike players, it is not yet clear yet whether they are going to update these versions of the game. So lets wait and see on that front.

Also apart of the Major Update is a brand new game mode. Deathmatch has been added to the game. Deathmatch is available for matching and offline play, also players can join a Deathmatch game on either the Classic maps or the Demolition and Arms Race maps. This mode is aimed at the beginners of the game according to Valve “it allows them to discover where they

Team Play Is Key In Counter Strike

Team Play Is Key In Counter Strike

might be exposed and alert them to new angles and approaches”.

Also for all those keen up and coming Map Developers. Valve have started to ship out private beta for the Map Workshop. If you are interested in this then you can mail Valve with the subject “Map Workshop Beta” and their Steam ID with a link to maps already shipped or in progress to being considered.

I Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading This Post, Check Back Soon.



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