Gaming News: PlanetSide 2 Partners With Major League Gaming

I guess this is something that has caused controversy over the Internet people saying how are they going to do it and how will people get in to this MLG tournaments with PlanetSide 2. Well I will try and answer them questions with this article.

Of course this is aimed towards the gamers that want a more competitive edge of PlanetSide 2 are in luck because, Sony Online Entertainment have announced that the free to play massively multiplayer online first person shooter will be apart of the Major League Gaming scene.

The year collaboration involving SOE and Major League Gaming, will produce a new competitive gameplay features, original programming to air on MLG’s networks (as well as on Video Game Livestream site Twitch), and chances to of course appear as a Pro to play PlanetSide 2 at MLG’s Pro Circuit events around the world. Including the first one being held as apart of the Winter Championship in Dallas on March 15 – 17

Some Good Old PlanetSide 2 Firefight In Full Swing

Some Good Old PlanetSide 2 Firefight In Full Swing

John Smedley President of Sony Online Entertainment said “PlanetSide 2 players are extremely loyal to their chose Empires and when it comes to battling, they are beyond competitive and truly enjoy the in game rivalries, so it was the natural next step for us to bring PlanetSide 2 to the most competitive eSports organization”. He also added, ” We’re excited for this opportunity to work with MLG and are confident that their competitive gaming expertise can turn PlanetSide 2 in to a premiere eSports platform, allowing us to extend the game experience and deliver new ways for players to interact with other players and broaden the community, while further help the diversity and grow our audience.”

There is no set date for this eSport but players of PlanetSide 2 will be able to battle it out on MLG’s GameBattles portal soon.

For me this is a big and risky step for PlanetSide 2. But to be totally honest if SOE can pull a game like this out of the bag and still have an audience a few months in then they can certainly make this work and also best of all make it very big and of course make the game better in ways that people could never of thought.

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