Gaming News: Terraria Comes To Consoles Next Month.

The hit Indie Game for PC, is coming to consoles next month.

Xbox Live Arcade

Xbox Live Arcade

Terraria is coming to consoles next month, on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network next month. This new adaptation of the game and it coming on to consoles is bringing ne controls, a new tutorial, new armor and weapons, new enemies, new pets, new music, new world map, and a new final boss. The game will also

PlayStation Store

PlayStation Store

feature a split screen so you can play with two people while you socialise aswell in the same room as the other person. The new console version will also come with multiplayer with for up to four players and online multiplayer for up to eight people.

For me this is a game i have never bothered with. Up till now because with it coming out and me keeping an eye on it since its release I have been more and more tempted because it just looks generally fun at the end of the day.

I Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading This Post, Check Back Soon.



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