Gaming News: China In Talks About The Console Ban

Yes you heard right, China’s Ministry of Culture are having discussions on maybe lifting the ban on consoles enacted in 2000.

The ban was originally put in place due to china having concerns over console gaming having potential harmful affects to the physical and mental development of children.

The news of China’s development with console gaming sat well with investors such as Sony and Nintendo, as there shares in Tokyo rose 9.1 percent and 3.4 percent respectively apparently Microsoft isn’t listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The Consoles That Are Bad For Children in China

The Consoles That Are Bad For Children in China

On the topic of Microsoft, a representative from Microsoft told Gamespot, ” We are always evaluating how and where to expand Xbox availability to other parts of the world, but have no additional comment at this time. ” Representatives from Sony and Nintendo were not available to comment at this point in time.

In my opinion, I can see the sales of consoles like the Wii U going up and I mean skyrocket up there with the top consoles especially with the amount of good games coming out for it. The PS3 will of course go up in sales over in China as there are going to be alot of people wanting them consoles and I can see them selling out quite fast over there to be honest. Whether Microsoft jumps on the bandwagon and starts the sales sales of Xbox’s over in China is highly likely and it would suprise me if they don’t because at the end of the day that is going to be alot of money that could be of been made over in China.

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