Gaming News: Could  There Be An MLG – Produced Game On The Horizon

Recently Major League Gaming CEO Sundance DiGiovanni told The Penny Arcade Report that an internally produced game is on the table, though we are in no rush to develop it yet.” One day we will. One day we will. Yeah,” he said. “We’ve had people approach us about this subject before. Right now we want to focus on partners with games like PlanetSide 2 and help them broaden out and take advantage of what we’ve built.”

League Of Legends Also A Major League Gaming E-Sport Sensation

League Of Legends Also A Major League Gaming E-Sport Sensation

Although with this being said by MLG Gaming, im guessing they are in no rush but that is not to say that they are doing a spot of game development here and there you know very hush hush. But I doubt it but then again on the other hand we see this type of behaviour from alot of game developers who don’t  want to release there plans yet.

Giovanni also added, “The thing is, I think it would have to be derivative of a few things. I loved Quake, and I’ve played alot of Counter Strike and Fighting Games,” He also added that. “The perfect game for me is something that would disrupt a little. I’ve always dreamed of a multi screen experience where you have players and coaches interacting and having touch surfaces and communication, but that’s so complicated and hard to explain. It didn’t seem to hard to explain just now but oh well we understand you don’t want to “rush things” but when this game comes out we can all expect it to be one hell of a game.

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