Gaming News: Nintendo Already Planning Future Platforms

With the release of the Wii U just last year, and the little bit of sucess it had is not enough for Nintendo. As Nintendo already has it’s eyes on future platforms.

Wii U Latest Console Out Of Nintendo's Workshop

Wii U Latest Console Out Of Nintendo’s Workshop

This information comes from a translation of prepared remarks from President Satoru Iwata today states Nintendo last year began work on technology for there planned future platforms. Now we are on the subject of technology that they are in development for there future platform, they are talking about technology that allows software assets to be more transferable, regardless of the platform. Iwata has stated, that this would have multiple benefitss, including avoiding software launch lineup shortages.

This is the statement Iwata made. “Last year we also started a project to integrate the architecture foor our future platforms. What we mean by integrating platforms is not integrating handheld devices and home consoles to make only one machine. What we are aiming or at is to integrate the architecture to form a common basis for software development so that we can make software assets more transferrable, and making operating sytems and their built in applicationsmore portable, regardless of form factor or performance of each platform,” he said.”They will also work on any way to aavoid software lineup shortages or software development delays which tend to happen just after launch of new hardware.”

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