Gaming News: Neverwinter Beta Weekend Dates Announced.

MMO players from all over the world can soon start  their adventures in the Forgotten Realms universe via the closed beta version of the upcoming RPG Neverwinter.

WooHoo Beta Invites

WooHoo Beta Invites

According to a news post on the Neverwinter site, developer Cryptic Studios and Publisher Perfect World will be hosting the first Neverwinter bet weekend sessions, commencing on the Febuary 8th till Febuary 10th. This will be then followed by another session from March 8th to March 10th and a third one on March 22nd till March 24th.

If you want to be apart of exploring the Forgotten Realms of Neverwinter then go and register on the official site for a chance to be invited in to the closed beta sessions. But those who purchased the Hero Of The North Founder’s Pack will get guaranteed access on the first session of the three so you get rewarded for waiting so patiently.

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