Gaming News: Guild Wars 2 Flame And Frost Update To Add New PvP Map And Guild Missions.

The next installment in ArenaNet’s four part update, Flame and Frost. This next installment, The Gathering Storm, will add new PvP map, guild missions, a choose your own achievments system, and the next part od the game’s Living Story. This time the forces of good are beginning to rally. They’re sending their heroes to defend the land and its peoples. Someone must hold back the Gathering Storm, and I am guessing that is where you and you’re own band of heroes.

The Storm Is Coming

The Storm Is Coming

“The situation worsens for the citizens of Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau,” from the update’s description. “Volunteers have eased the burden, but more refugees hobble down from the ShiverPeaks. The storm there gains momentum, but the forces of good are beginning to rally. They’re sending their heroes to deend the land and its peoples.

In this update it says it features a new PvP map which alot of people I can imagine are quite excited for. The PvP map is Spirit Watch, in which players mus capture the Orb Of Ascension and transport it to one of three shrines placed around the arena. Also coming with this new PvP map there is also the addition of a new rated PvP mode, which will put two teams of similar rank to each other, with rating adjustments handd down to each player after the match has been won or lost.

Also in this patch there is also the addition of guild missions. Which is apparently the most exciting addition to the game for a while says ArenaNet. “These missions are designed for coordinated group play, include everything from bounties to group puzzles to cross country challenges”. Sounds like alot of time to be spent with you and your Guild Mates having countless hours of fun. But of course what are challenges with out unlocks annd bonuses, they are just time spent doing something. Well don’t worry because guild challenges will reward you with guild merits, which will unlock “cool upgrades and rewards”.

Aswell as all that, tweaks have been made to the achievment system. To allow you to set your own dailies. ArenaNet say that this will let you choose the type of content you want to focus on. This update to Guild Wars 2, Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm will be released on Febuary 26th 2013.

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