Gaming News: PlanetSide 2 With A Hint Of Balance

Ahh finally some balance to the chaos that is PlanetSide 2. Now before everyone gets all judgemental and everything I am going to say this not everything in PlanetSide 2 is broken, because its not it just needs tweaking here and there but so deoes every game through out its life specially MMO’s that will last a long time with a big player base.

But this week saw changes being made to PlanetSide 2 with the latest major patch update for PlanetSide 2, these new fixes and adjustments were outlined in SOE’s roadmap feature last month. Some of the very precious and also some thing that the community has had a say in is the short invunerability when spawning, defence boosts for bases, and a finer tuned spotting system.

All Three New SMG's

All Three New SMG’s

The patch also implements some significant things like penalties for the un-tactical act of spawn camping ( Or in simpler terms killing a player with in the 10 second window of him/her spawning ), because spawn campig will now only get you 25 percent of the XP reward.   Anothter new thing that they have implemented with regards to spotting. You can now not mash your keyboard for many many spotting bonuses, You will now have a spotting cooldown and you will also need extra precision for the actual spot beyond 30 meters. Also to all you weapon fanatics there are new weapons that have been added to the armories of all factions. With the addition of there faction specific SMG’s for short rang Close Quarters Combat type battles. These include the SMG-46 Armistice, Eridani SX5 and AF-4 Cyclone.

I Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading This Post, Check Back Soon.



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