Gaming News: Obama Wanting To Let Kids Learn How To Make Video Games

During a Google + Hangout held a few days ago, President Barack Obama took time to address gaming as it could potentially help educate the Youth Of America. The way that teaching High School Kids how to make a video game, is by showing them that to make games that they probably play at home and in their spare time you need an understanding of Maths, Science and Art.

President Obama cited none other than Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame to start his rhetoric. “You look at someone like Mark Zuckerberg…. and he taught himself programming primarily because he was interested in games.”

Games Design Class Option To Come To High Schools

Games Design Class Option To Come To High Schools

Okay you are probably asking yourselves now, Why in the world would we want High School Aged kids learning how to create Video Games. Well President Obama said that. “it requires you to know math, and it requires you to know science. What it does is not only to prepare young people who may choose to a four year college to be Job – Ready but it also engages kids because they feel like ‘I get this, this is not just me sitting there slouching at the back of the room while somebody’s lecturing me.'”

The whole idea surrounding this argument, is that it will get kids interested in creating games if the programs are available from an early age. That interest will push them further to understand Math, Science and Art because they are doing something they can relate to. It will ultimately set them on a better path for future learning and Job Hunting.

In My opinion it is an interesting argument because it will help people become alot more in control of what they are doing. It will let people see that what they are doing at home is actually made by a series of Maths and Science and also Art. So this will make them want to understand more about what they need to do to make a video game ultimately bettering there Maths and Science scores.

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