TechNews: HTC One Coming To AT&T, T-Mobile And Sprint – But How Much Of A Hit To Your Wallet?

Of course, as many of you know that HTC Revealed its new beautiful and amazing smartphone yeterday. After the reveal the company also said that it’s coming to three major wireless carriers in the United States: Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile. Thats of course some amazing

HTC One In Black

HTC One In Black

users of these carriers and of course the customers who will flock to these carriers once the smartphone is released. We know that AT&T has plans to offer both 32GB and 64GB models in black and white.

But we don’t currently know the price for this product on these three carriers. But we do have a suspicion that the 32GB model will cost $199 with a new two year contract while the 64GB option will cost $299. Maybe we could be wrong but lets just hope and

HTC One In White

HTC One In White

hope some more that it doesn’t go up more than that because that is about right for a smartphone these days.

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